Medieval Festival 2011

Mittelalterfest 2011

20 years of "1st Tirolean Middle Ages Union", 5 years of "Stählerner Haufen 1499"

The members of the union are celebrating this anniversary during the 3rd Peasant-meeting including Medieval market from the 2nd to the 4th of September 2011 at Mitterhart castle. In 1499 about 1000 men  from "Viertl undern Ynthal" gathered at Vomper Moos, to fight alongside the Swabian League under king Maximilian against the Swiss Reisläufer, who were threatening the border of the Habsburger empire at the border to Vorarlberg. This group wrote history as the "Stählerner Haufen" ("heap of steel") because of it's fortitude. The union has made it it's mission, to make history into something alive and that's why they are hosting their international  festival at Mitterhart castle, nearby the historical grounds. The visitors can experience the routines of peasants out of first hand including physical axamination, weapon exercises, jurisdiction etc. The market offers a chance to enjoy medieval music, watch craftsmen creating small masterpieces or buy a medieval item and naturally there is food at the castle kitchen. Of course there is also rich kid's entertainment for our small guests. A good oppotunity, to enter the past for a few hours.

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